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The brand new Jordan Peele film you may get out I love to get out, yeah get out with something special or since he had announced us I was like totally on board he has an excellent cast here I got Winston Duke a little peatonal on go Elisabeth Moss and really just something different

The brand new Jordan Peele film you may get out I love to get out, yeah get out with something special or since he had announced us I was like totally on board he has an excellent cast here I got Winston Duke a little peatonal on go Elisabeth Moss and really just something different like every ever since get out I was like this is going to be something another different type of horror film and it really is it's hard to compare this film to get out because from the trailers us looks like a version of The Strangers mixed with home alone people go on vacation a great family and all of a sudden a bunch of Doppelganger show up looking just like them and wanting to kill them

here's a lot more to it than just that it's more than just them wanting to kill them there is so much that dives deep into this film but I say dives in I mean completely dives in like just like into the sunken place like that's like and that's how I kind of felt I felt like I was going into Jordan peels mine I feel like his horrific horrible something almost unsettling things that come out of this dudes mind just feels like you're being sunk in right into the sunken place as you're watching this film because of how unsettling and horrific the film can be at times it's a horrific this isn't a horror film that's going to make you stay up at night it'll only make you stay up at night

If you're trying to talk about the film with all the people who you've just seen because that's what this film does so well and I think Jordan peeled did that intentionally he said you're going to leave the theater talking a lot and all your questions get answered that's not the bad thing I've lad that not all my questions I got answered because sometimes it's fun to have great movie discussions and actually want to go back and re-watch the film and analyze all the small little details that maybe you would missed the first time around I mean I definitely did with get out and it's something that I'm definitely going to have to do with us after only seeing at the one time all that works because of Jordan peels master script in here it is an excellent script that has witty dialogue and great comedic moments we'd perfectly and seamlessly throughout the script where it does not take away from the tension or any of the bad intentional things that are going on in the screen it just worked perfectly in a lot I goes because of the performances which we will get to in a second but again Jordan Peele has upped his game from get out with a stronger script which it's hard to see that he won the damn Oscar for best script that year but it for me it was a stronger script it's more layered and there's so much more to the film that I need to just again see the film again and dive deeper into


It I would even say his vision for this film was just as strong as get out but again it's different both the film's even though they reside into the horror ailment they're very different movies not a bad thing I'm actually glad that he took in ambitious to take on this movie because I mean the trailer it looks again like a slash or type of film and on a surface level you can actually enjoy the film for that if you if you're not someone who wants to dive in and analyze everything that's fine just like get out the film is just as entertaining it's hilarious at times it's horrifying and unsettling and that's what he does great is being able to work with for for a general movie-going audience and for the film fanatics that want to dive in and get a deeper thing to some of these films again that does not work without Jordan peels script and direction know the direction of writing is excellent

The thing that really stands out in this film are the performances the performances by everyone on board is some of the best like I mean absolutely some of the best performer of the year so far a lot of us can say that we can start the campaign already for Lupita Nyong'o for Best Actress she I think can now be officialized as a chameleon when it comes to some movie performances she is diehard just excellent in this film and the fact that she has to play two different characters well everyone plays two different characters because the doppelgangers the fact that he played she played a different type of character again you didn't see Lupita Nyong'o you just got sucked into this place and forgot that you're even watching a movie which is the best part and some and some of the best films do that of course you have Winston Duke who is a big stain on black panther last year's in Baku you're not going to see him bak after this film anymore even Jordan Peele said that at the screening and I agree he says lovable dad who is also playing a murdering doppelganger which is also terrifying

Being honest - the big standout so this film are the two younger kids in here I'm sometimes a little bit if you when it comes to kids in horror films you ever seen the babadook you definitely know my thoughts on that the kid the kid I think is probably the weakest part of that film and annoys me but my thing with this film is that these kids and really everyone around and it goes down with the script again is that everyone gets a moment to shine everyone gets that one great moment that's like that's the moment and it makes you fall in love with the characters the characters aren't stupid necessarily the two kids especially are smart they're taking this in the action like they're like we have to fight be remissed even mention them should et right Joseph is excellent in this film as the younger sister she just brings a lot of gravitas to her character but just bringing it and having great moments to her character that really make her shine and Evan Alex is a just light in this film with how great he played his role neighbors Tim Heidecker and Elizabeth moss are even great I mean when is Elizabeth moss not fantastic um whatever she's in in order to talk about this one without getting into any spoilers due to all the subtext and all the twists and turns that happen throughout the film there is one twist in here that I loved


I did think of a little bit predictable and I actually could kind of dissect where it was going to go what asked the film was playing out not a bad thing though and I liked exactly how they were explaining it and as one more nitpick I did think the film had one big exposition dump what you didn't bother me too much because I mean like it did help me explain certain elements because again the film does make you leave asking questions but it also doesn't just leave you hanging like some films do it leaves you hanging enough to the point where you can continue conversations with your friends family and whoever you see the film with but also leaves you feeling content on what's going on in the film and I like that because you get to know and understand where every single thing is placed and going down and the exposition dump I didn't think it was necessary I think you could have chopped it up or at least made it a little bit shorter and seamless but I mean it's such a minor nitpick to an excellent film that I cannot wait to rewatch again

I think down the road I might actually be calling us almost a masterpiece I know some people are it's hard for me to call it like right walking out like um get out I think is almost a near one as well I do think us as a better film I think us as a stronger film it has a lot more to say it's way more ambitious which you would not have gotten that from the trailer like I mean it looks a missha's from the trailer but there's so much more that this trailer did not show keep yourself hid in the light don't like look up any spoilers just going to us have fun enjoy it so with all that said I'm going to give us an a let me know what you guys thoughts are on us do you guys see it yeah, how Christ I was have you gotten any early screens for let's talk about it down below in the comments how excited are you for us.