The Deadly Companions

The Deadly Companions




93 min



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The Deadly Companions - Full Movie

The Civil War Yankee sergeant Yellowleg saves the cheater Turkey from hanging after a card game, and together with Turk`s gunslinger buddy Billy Keplinger, they ride together to Gila City with the intention of heisting a bank. When other bandits rob a store, Yellowleg shoots at the outlaws and accidentally kills the son of the cabaret dancer Kit Tilden and the grieving woman decides to bury her son in the town of Siringo in Apache country where her husband is buried. Yellowleg Enlists Billy and Turkey to escort Kitty and the coffin through the dangerous land.

  • Stars: Maureen O`Hara,Brian Keith,Steve Cochran

  • Quality: HD-TV

  • Genre: ADVENTURE

  • Release: 1961

  • Views: 115